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Exploring the Convergence of Internal and External Communication

Recorded on 16 November 2017

Social media continues to have a profound impact on the communication landscape. A significant change for practitioners has been the convergence of internal and external communication. Once discrete practices with their own teams, processes and audiences, they are now forging ever-closer ties.

What are the implications for communicators on both sides of the fence? Is it possible—or beneficial—to merge both disciplines? Or, are there important differences that must be understood and respected?

Two experience consultants on each of the internal/external divide explore this shift in the media landscape.

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Presenter/Katie Macaulay, brings the internal perspective having spent a 27-year career in employee communication. Today, Katie is managing director of AB, the UK’s longest established employee communications agency, founded in 1964. Her book, “From Cascade to Conversation,” explores the future of internal communication and was the subject of a popular presentation at the 2017 IABC World Conference.

Presenter/Mario Theodorou, is an experienced digital director and evangelist. As head of digital at News International—one of the UK’s oldest and biggest newspaper groups—Mario was instrumental in helping this traditional media organization embrace the web. Theodorou recently joined AB to help a diverse range of organizations explore the benefits of digital, social and mobile technology.


Khyla Flores

Khyla Flores is associate editor for IABC’s content department.

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