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FedEx health care costs continue to exceed US$1.7 billion annually. To help control these costs, FedEx replaced its traditional PPO medical plans with two high-deductible Consumer Medical Plans in 2014. The new plans feature higher deductibles, coinsurance and a Health Reimbursement Account. The plan design encourages employees to be more accountable for managing their health in order to help them and FedEx manage costs.

But in order to be more accountable, our covered employees and dependents need to understand the plans and how to use them effectively to save time and money. They need to become smarter health care consumers, and our responsibility as the FedEx benefits communications team (referred to as “our team” throughout the rest of the Work Plan) is to help them get there.

However, there were significant barriers in how we delivered health and well-being messages to our employees and dependents, making educating almost 400,000 plan members extremely difficult without costly print/mail campaigns.

  • Because of the FedEx strategy to compete collectively but operate independently, each FedEx operating company (OPCO; see audience section) has different communication channels and intranet sites. There’s not a way to distribute information to all FedEx employees at one time, and there was no central place to house health and well-being news and information. To distribute information, we rely on communications teams at each OPCO to place approved content in their appropriate channels. Some OPCOs may place a small paragraph in an e-newsletter, while others may create a temporary intranet page. This leads to inconsistencies in messaging and significant risk that important health care information may be deleted.
  • Because there was no central place to house health and well-being news, emails were extremely lengthy due to the complexity of the subject matter we did not have the ability to communicate a brief overview with a link to learn more.
  • Limited information is available on the employee benefits election system; however there were issues with using this site as a key communications channel.

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