Find the story in communication research and measurement


Susan Walker, ABC

Are you part of the 60 percent of internal communicators identified by Newsweaver who still haven’t incorporated measurement into your day-to-day work? If so, Susan Walker, ABC, a leading U.K.-based expert in employee research, explains why you may need to change how you view the subject.

Though Walker is one of the first to acknowledge that research and measurement fall outside of the comfort zone for the majority of communicators who would rather stick with words than figures, she emphasizes that measurement is much more than numbers. “There’s a story in figures as much as there is in narrative,” she shares in a recent interview with CW‘s Executive Editor Natasha Nicholson.

Communication professionals who can pull out this story (Why are employees clicking on this intranet page more than the others? How is your department’s time best spent? What activities can be dropped?) can more easily connect their communication programs to the overall business goals.

Says Walker: “I don’t think leaders are really interested in communication measurement and research. What they’re interested in are the financials, productivity, innovation… This is where I think the communicator comes in, because the communicator is looking at how communication is linking with all of those aspects.” It’s the role of communicators, she says, to provide the “link between the business and the communication media.”

Listen to the complete interview here.