Finding the Stories in Statistics


statistics-into-stories750x420Not long ago, a colleague looked over my shoulder at the pages of employee survey figures and remarked, “How boring!”

“Not at all,” was my response. “This is the story of our organization.”

That was in the days when I was communication manager and these results were my gold mine, from which I could excavate that story and unearth a focus for maximum impact, both for my own communication function to use and to pass on to other managers in an accessible and action-orientated form.

So why don’t more communicators look for that story in those statistics? Whether you are responsible for the employee research program, involved in some way or even excluded by the internal “owners,” research is a great—and often unexplored—opportunity both to contribute to your organization and to grow your own career portfolio.

However, communicators often avoid that role; measurement may come high on their “wants” list, but is seldom translated into actually studying the subject.

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