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Whether you’re already certified by the Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC), looking to get certified or thinking about hosting an exam in your area, the GCCC blog has the insights, tips and updates you may be looking for.

The GCCC focuses on creating and maintaining an internationally recognized standard based on a global understanding of key principles and communication job competencies worldwide. The Council provides credentialing to qualified communicators who meet a global standard.

There are two levels of certification offered by the GCCC: Communication Management Professional (CMP) and Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP). Both levels allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and provide evidence of your expertise at different points in your career.

If you’re thinking about getting certified, the GCCC blog is a great way to find out what other communicators did to prepare for the exam and how it enhanced their careers. You can read their guest posts to learn about the different journeys and experiences of CMPs and SCMPs.

You can also stay up-to-date with developments in the programs and upcoming exam dates. Check the website regularly for updates.

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The GCCC is an autonomous governing body for the CMP and SCMP certification programs, separate from IABC. Reading the GCCC blog does not guarantee a passing score on certification exams.