Getting started with communication audits: Advice for first-time ‘auditors’ (#CommChat recap)

data collectionCommunication audits are invaluable, revealing areas for improvement, areas that are successful, and how communication resources are best spent. In a recent #CommChat discussion, communicators shared how to communicate the value of audits (the benefits that are likely to catch the attention of senior leaders), and what they wish they knew when conducting an audit for the first time.

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Understanding (and communicating) the value of an audit

Though you may not have the ideal budget or amount of time to conduct regular communication audits, as a communicator, you understand the importance of regularly assessing your communication tools and practices. But what about those senior leaders who don’t understand the value of audits? We asked the group to share some of the benefits of communication audits—ones that will wake up any resistant leader.

What you need to get started

After you gain leadership buy-in, what’s next? #CommChat participants emphasized the importance of data collection, and reviewing your goals and objectives.


6 tips for communicators conducting audits for the first time

We asked the group what advice they would share with fellow communicators conducting audits for the first time. Here are our favorites.

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Caroline Cornell

Caroline Cornell is associate editor for IABC’s content department.

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