How to Choose Social Media Channels that Best Support Your Strategy


Imagine you are sitting in a coffee shop, and a man begins making his way around to all the tables, handing out a flyer and a free CD to each group. Chances are, you’re not going to care all that much when he makes his way to you. He’s offering free music, and the flyer talks about a show that maybe you and your friends will want to catch later, so his interaction feels both relevant and appropriate. You are, at the very least, gracious to the man.

But take that same guy, with the same stack of flyers and CDs, and bring him into your favorite fancy restaurant, where you’re wining and dining an important client. How are you going to feel when he approaches your table? You’re going to become uncomfortable, even annoyed. In your mind, it’s not the time or place for such activity.

Consider this scenario as you go about selecting the time and place you choose to build an audience for your business on social media. As you examine your communication strategy for 2016, consider revisiting your audience’s perception of social sites and why they use them. Keep in mind that just because you’re looking for them does not mean they’re looking for you, or expecting uninvited guests.

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