How to Create a Powerful Customer Experience Strategy



The adage “the customer knows best” has endured with good reason. In today’s highly competitive marketing environment, when your potential customers have endless options, you must embrace the idea that customers (and potential customers) are king by offering a superior customer experience (CX) across your entire marketing strategy.

Get everyone on board with your CX strategy

First, make sure everyone in your organization is aware of and on board with your brand’s customer experience strategy. It doesn’t matter how major or minor a player he or she may be, everyone in your organization needs to understand the tactics associated with your CX and how it reflects on your brand.

Discrepancies in your CX strategy among staff can lead to brand disasters, both internally and externally. Internally, not having your entire staff up to snuff on CX policies can lead to disputes in how your brand approaches customer interactions, which translates into external problems. Customers aren’t going to trust your brand if you deliver an inconsistent or inconvenient experience—and with other options at their fingertips, it unfortunately just takes one discrepancy to turn an active lead into a memory.

Deliver timely and personalized communication

Communication is the most important aspect of customer experience in today’s marketing climate. There are more channels than ever where customers can voice their satisfaction or frustration with your CX experience, subsequently broadcasting it to millions of viable leads. Customers are able to communicate with your brand and tell others about their experiences through:

  • Social media
  • Review websites and platforms
  • Comment sections
  • Email
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