IABC announces new print magazine and online content source, Catalyst

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By iabc_admin
19 June 2019

IABC is thrilled to share the newly transformed magazine and online content source, Catalyst. After nearly 40 years as Communication World magazine, we felt that a total refresh was needed, including a new name that truly reflects the communication profession.

As an agent of change, an organizational alchemist if you will, you (communication professionals) are uniquely positioned within your organization to unify people around transformational ideas. It’s a powerful place to be—and we want to be the ones to help you leverage that opportunity to its fullest. So, in addition to a print magazine distributed twice a year, we’re also reinventing our online presence in a way that will give you access to more knowledge faster and more easily. You can expect to get weekly content, shaped to bring you the most current thinking on critical communication issues, drawing from some of the world’s top business and communication experts. You’ll also be able to tap into an online content center that’s rich with innovative ideas, new discoveries and valuable research.

All IABC members are subscribed to receiving the magazine by mail. Not an IABC member? We invite you to join the thriving, forward-thinking community that is IABC.




  1. I think this is a great idea and can’t wait for the new publication. I teach public affairs leadership to military officer and find the information published by IABC is invaluable. It is great to have real world information and resources that can be used in the classroom to support what we teach. Sometimes students feel the information we present is not enough. It is great to have global professionals provide another perspective from which they can learn.

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