IABC announces slate for its 2015-16 International Executive Board

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By iabc
23 April 2015

The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) has announced its slate of directors and officers to take up new positions on the 2015–16 International Executive Board (IEB).

The nominees, selected for the relevant positions through open competition, have now been approved by the current IEB and will be presented for ratification by delegates from IABC chapters and regions at the Annual General Meeting, which will be held at the IABC World Conference on Tuesday 16 June in San Francisco, California.

The International Executive Board is the governing body of IABC. It develops the strategic plan and direction for the association under the guidance of bylaws approved by the IABC membership.

The individuals on the 2015-16 IEB slate were selected by the Nominations Committee of IABC members from across IABC’s eight regions using a rigorous competency-based approach that emphasizes leadership, problem solving, global perspective, strategic thinking and business acumen. Other considerations include the geographic mix of the board, as well as the professional experience of the directors.

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