#IABCLI keynote speaker: Sara Canaday

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10 February 2020

We’re thrilled Sara Canaday will give the opening and closing keynotes at the 2020 IABC Leadership Institute (LI) in Austin, 20-22 February.

Sara will kick off the conference with an engaging and insightful workshop that will provide LI attendees with actionable strategies that can be used to increase their leadership impact.

Your Leadership Brand: Evaluate Your Impact, Demonstrate Your Value
Your leadership brand is the synthesis of several key components—including visuals, messaging, demeanor, interpersonal skills and more.  When these pieces come together, they create the whole picture that the rest of the world recognizes as You.

Whether you are moving up the corporate ladder, making your value known in your current role, or looking to expand your impact, boosting your brand is the key to remaining viable and competitive.  By deliberately managing and improving your brand, you can dramatically elevate your ability to influence. To interact and collaborate. To teach and mentor. All of it comes back to making intentional choices about your leadership brand.

This session uses a strategic and engaging approach to help professionals translate their brands into powerful momentum for greater success. While they might typically think about “leadership branding” as a soft, somewhat-vague concept, this session will completely shift that notion. Using a bold combination of stories, research, humor and humility, Sara guides members on a journey to help them “get real” about the way others see and experience them. And, most importantly, she provides them with actionable strategies they can use immediately to enhance their leadership impact.

Key takeaways:   

  • Understand the factors that most drive how others see and experience you.
  • Learn how to use feedback as a measure of your business reputation and as an ongoing tool for career success.
  • Identify key areas that provide the greatest opportunities for growth and development.
  • Understand the importance of demonstrating your value beyond the technical and functional.

Sara will also provide participants access to her proprietary Brand 360 Survey. This targeted platform enables the collection of priceless brand feedback from selected colleagues, supervisors, and direct reports. A Results Report to include a comprehensive list of development suggestions is included with each summary.  Attendees will be able to personalize their action plans and sustain their development with specific strategies they can use, further reinforcing the presentation value.

Returning to the stage to close LI, Sara will lead an interactive fireside chat answering top-of-mind questions from attendees. She will also cover best practices and insights from her ground-breaking business book, “Leadership Unchained: Defy Conventional Wisdom for Breakthrough Performance.” Attendees will gain the knowledge they need to take back control of their time and reconnect with the feeling that comes with igniting fires, not just putting them out.

Leadership expert, speaker and award-winning author
As a respected leadership and career consultant, author and compelling speaker, Sara has a unique gift for connecting and communicating with her audiences to propel them from light-bulb-moment insight to strategic change. Moving far beyond the business-school basics, she helps people identify the professional blind spots that are preventing them from taking their careers—and their companies—to the next level.

Sara’s professional career spans 20 years and includes sales, leadership, and executive roles at USAA and Texas Mutual. She served as principal consultant for Empowerment Enterprises before opening her own consultancy, Sara Canaday & Associates, in 2009.

Sara is a member of the National Speakers Association, a leadership instructor for LinkedIn Learning and is an adjunct Executive Coach with the Center for Creative Leadership. She has been featured in a number of publications and broadcasts, most notably Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and the American Management Association’s Leadership Wired. Sara is also the author of a popular business book: You – According to Them:Uncovering the blind spots that impact your reputation and your career and her new book, Leadership Unchained: Defy Conventional Wisdom for Breakthrough Performance.”


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