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Shared learnings are key to growing the IABC family

29 October 2018

There’s no community like IABC. As Dianne Chase used to say, there’s a secret sauce that makes our association truly special.

What makes IABC unique is our diversity; we are an international community of communicators, with chapters and chapter leaders spanning the globe.

These collective experiences are our greatest asset, one which we must tap into more. Events such as Leadership Institute help to share learnings face to face. And the Council of Regions is another means to promote dialogue between chapter chairs.

I’d like to propose a third way, an open call to share EMENA’s expertise and resources with other chapters.

Over the past year we’ve been experimenting with podcasts. We’ve also been holding webinars for over two years. And we’ve been putting on EUROcomm (now EMENAComm) for years.

We’ve already begun sharing experiences with other chapters, particularly APAC, which has capabilities that we want to leverage and learn from when it comes to digital and events.

What I’d like to see us doing as chapters is engaging more closely, all year round, to learn how we can better serve our members and grow the IABC family.

This post is my call to start that process. Let’s begin the conversation and share our expertise as chapter leaders, to both get more achieved for our members and grow our memberships. I welcome your feedback, and am always open to providing our know-now and resources to others.

If you do have a comment or a question, please do seek me out on the Hub. You can also find what we are up to as EMENA on our website. We are strongest when we work together. I look forward to hearing from you.

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