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Why Seek Professional Certification Through GCCC

23 January 2019

My journey to GCCC certification was long but well worth the effort. I’ve been a professional business communicator for more than 30 years, and I had a long-held desire to achieve professional accreditation through IABC or PRSA (I am a member of both). Both accreditation programs’ requirements were tough for me as much of the qualifying work I have done over the years was confidential and proprietary to the companies I worked for. In other words, I could not pull off the portfolio requirements.  But I was confident I had the knowledge and skills, and I am good at multiple-choice tests. And GCCC held a huge appeal (for me) over accreditation from PRSA:  it is a global certification that was built to meet ANSI-ISO standards for such programs.

So as soon as IABC’s new certification program was launched, I was one of the first to apply to sit for the CMP exam. I earned my CMP in February 2016.  Because I wanted to support the program, I volunteered to serve on the Global Communication Certification Council, the appointed board of communicators who oversee the program.  I was chosen as vice chair of the GCCC and began my three-year commitment in June 2017 at the same time that I sat for the first-ever SCMP exam. So I earned my SCMP and became chair of the whole darned thing in 2017!  It has afforded me some great leadership experience and some new friendships I will treasure always.

Professional certifications are held in high regard by many employers. They help earn promotions, better pay and career development opportunities.  Certification gives you an edge in the job market.  It says you are skilled and knowledgeable with the six core principles of the IABC Global StandardSM for Communication Professionals: ethics, strategy, analysis, context, engagement and consistency.

As a consultant and business owner, my certification validates my credentials and skills to prospective clients and colleagues across the profession. More important, it provided self-validation.  Was I as good as I thought?  The certification says ‘yes.’  (Shameless pat on my back- forgive me! LOL).

Maintaining my credential is easy for me, too.  By keeping current with the profession, attending  IABC meetings and training programs and speaking at professional events, volunteering for IABC and delivering training programs to others (which I do for a living), I easily earn the points required to maintain my certification each year.

So what are you waiting for?  Check out this webinar and start working on your application for certification!  Oh, and if you have any questions, reach out to me at

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