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#ILearnHere Instagram Campaign: Vancouver Island University

Type: Case Studies
Topic: Social and Digital Media
By Debra Jacklin
28 October 2014


With the start of the 2013 fall semester, VIU launched the #ILearnHere Instagram campaign, a promotional campaign intended to build institutional awareness among a subsection of regional millennials. This campaign focused on social-­visual communications (sharable digital images) using the Instagram platform and harnessed the power of audience-delivered content aggregated across digital platforms using the hashtag #ILearnHere.

A contest was built into this campaign to generate additional interest, and to enter the contest, users were required to follow the VIU Instagram account, @VIUniversity, to capture a photo and then upload it with the hashtag, #ILearnHere. The uploaded photos must display something or somewhere that answers the question “where do you learn.” The concept of #ILearnHere is based on VIU’s tagline, matter here, which conveys the sense of inclusive community that students find on VIU campuses.

For those users who were unaware of the campaign but were using the hashtag #ILearnHere without following the VIU account, campaign support technicians commented on those specific photos, asking the users to follow the VIU account, thereby entering the contest. During the campaign, selected participants received ‘WOW’ prizes, including an iPhone fish eye lens as a form of award and encouragement. The winning entry was displayed in a local digital mall poster and the photographer received an iPad mini and a $500 VIU tuition voucher.



Debra Jacklin

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