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Feeling Like a Fraud? 5 of the Biggest Names in Comms Talk Imposter Syndrome

Do you have that sinking feeling that you’re not quite good enough? Ever feel like you’re standing on eggshells awaiting that one person to finally recognize that you’re just “making it up as you go?” You’re not alone. 

Today’s strange and confusing time has handed communicators all over the globe with something new: Direct contact with the CEO. This new pressure is resulting in feelings of anxiety, self-doubt, and worry across the comms industry. 

Join Advita Patel, Priya Bates, Jason Anthoine, Kristin Hancock, and Katie Macaulay to concretely define what imposter syndrome is and how to conquer:

  • Why you do deserve to be at the boardroom table.
  • How to take these anxieties and turn them into rocket-fueled motivation. 
  • The differences between true Impostor Syndrome and just making excuses for yourself.

Save a free seat for the Comms Imposter Syndrome: 3 Concrete Steps to Overcome Doubt at the Boardroom Table” webinar.

This is a live global webinar happening on: 

Thursday, 21 May 2020
3 p.m. BST | 4 p.m. CEST | 10 a.m. EDT |  7  a.m. PDT

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