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Integrated Growth Strategy: UPS

Type: Case Studies
Topic: Employee Communication
By Rhoda Daclison-Dickey
29 September 2016

gq-logoTraditionally, UPS growth messages had been a single campaign pushed down from the corporate-level and focused primarily on soliciting sales leads.

In September 2014, David Abney was announced as the new CEO of UPS. Abney began working to define his vision for UPS which included three important pillars – “Grow Together, Empower Together, Innovate Together”. With this shift in leadership, the Employee Communications team saw the opportunity to use the “Grow Together” platform to take a new approach to our internal growth communications strategy. The Employee Communications department had also experienced a significant shift in leadership with a new department manager who encouraged more collaboration and innovation.

How the Campaign Could Help the Business

Our business need was to build a stronger foundation for long-term growth within the internal culture. While sales leads still mattered, with a broader strategy, we could improve retention by developing high-potential employees, boost positive brand awareness and consideration among customers, and improve the customer experience through better service. Data from a 2014 Gallup survey indicated that more engaged work groups see over a 20% improvement in profitability and productivity so we focused on employee engagement to help grow the business.



Rhoda Daclison-Dickey

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