Jacob’s Creek Builds a Community with #MoscatoMonday Campaign


In mid-2013, Australian winery Jacob’s Creek enlisted Hill+Knowlton to drive sales of its Moscato wine in Canada. The challenge? It wasn’t a new product, and there was nothing new about it: no new packaging or innovation to focus on. Relying on traditional media or PR wouldn’t cut it, because there was simply no news. Hill & Knowlton needed to think beyond the print and broadcast landscape.

jacobs_creek_moscatomondayWhen it came to the Jacob’s Creek Moscato target consumer (young, urban, socially connected women), social media was on our side. We knew there was an opportunity to interact with them directly—without relying on traditional media at all.

There was an opportunity to build a lifestyle brand, trusted by its target demographic, who are hungry for genuine online interactions with brands who speak their language.

We wanted to create a first-of-its-kind campaign in the wine category: a social media-led program that wasn’t designed to just “sell bottles.” The premise was for the brand to act like a person. To drop the marketing speak. To relate to people with personality. To prioritize one-to-one interactions. And to put a premium on quality over quantity. Our goals were to:

  • Build awareness about Jacob’s Creek Moscato with the target consumer (young, urban, fun-loving women).
  • Generate buzz for the Jacob’s Creek brand and grow consideration by creating excitement for Jacob’s Creek Moscato.
  • Position Jacob’s Creek Moscato as the must-buy wine for summer among the brand’s target audience.
  • Help drive sales of Jacob’s Creek Moscato wine to establish it as the leading Moscato nationwide.
  • Be relevant and stand out from other wine brands.

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One Response to “Jacob’s Creek Builds a Community with #MoscatoMonday Campaign”

  1. Joe Okeke

    I like what Hill and Knowlton did with the Australian winery. Is it PR, if not, what’s the difference?
    Do you have a magazine or news letter that I can subscribe to?