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Just Say Yes: 2020 World Conference Keynote Abigail Posner explains why

In this special edition of the IABC International podcast (video and audio), Abigail Posner joins host Dan Gold to talk about some of the takeaways you can expect from her upcoming keynote at the 2020 IABC World Conference in Chicago.

Abigail is director of the Google Brand Unit, the company’s creative think tank for agencies and brands. She’ll join  on Monday, 15 June, for the keynote session, “Cracking Creativity: Re-Engaging Our Innate Creativity for Greater Productivity and Growth.”

Register now to secure your place in Chicago at #IABC20.

Music on this episode is from Joakim Karud and Ikson. This is an IABC production, produced and presented by Dan Gold.


Dan Gold

Dan Gold is director of digital strategy for Marton Charlton Communications and host of IABC's International podcast.

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