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Know it to own it: Equinox 2014 Benefits Enrollment Communication Campaign with Total Rewards Microsite

Type: Case Studies
Topic: Communication Management
By Emily Dydo
29 September 2016


In 2013, Equifax kicked off an employee benefits “cultural evolution” by encouraging employees to
“make a move” to a new suite of medical benefit offerings as result of rising health care costs. To help drive the desired employee behavior change, Equifax collaborated with Towers Watson to implement a three-year benefits communication and change management strategy.

This entry focuses on phase two of the strategy featuring the “Know it to own it” benefits enrollment communication campaign and HealthyWealthyWise Total Rewards microsite, which launched immediately before enrollment. This campaign emphasized employees “owning” their part of the Total Rewards partnership by engaging in self-service benefits education and using their benefits wisely.


Emily Dydo

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