Do you know how to prove the effectiveness of your internal communications?

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By Newsweaver
15 June 2016

Engaging communications share three key characteristics: they are timely, targeted and relevant.

For communication, that means getting the right information to the right employee at the right time. By doing this you can drive better employee engagement.

Our whitepaper will help you improve the effectiveness of your communications. Here are some highlights:

1. Let’s get personal

How do communicators use personalization to engage employees? When preparing content it’s important to consider the sender, the subject matter and the distribution list.

This understanding lets you apply personalization to improve results.

2. Engaging by design

Invest time in design. Cut through inbox clutter and reach your entire workforce with emails that look great on any device—desktop, tablet or mobile. Add images, videos and more to give employees an engaging rich media experience.

3. Make it social

By encouraging employees to interact with your content, you naturally improve your engagement. Social features (comments and likes) give your employees a voice and it also gives communicators a valuable source of instant feedback.

4. Measurement

Without measurement, how do you know what works and what doesn’t? By actively measuring communicators can improve the impact of their content, thereby improving employee engagement. Our whitepaper details the most important metrics for communicators to track.

Learn how to improve the effectiveness of internal communication.


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