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Leadership Mastery with a Growth Mindset

Recorded on 23 April 2019

This presentation shares Caryn Ross’s model of communication strategies to develop transformational leadership into any organization through a growth mindset approach. This engaging presentation will identify specific characteristics that set apart great communicative leaders. Results will be: collaboration, lowering of the silo effect, dynamic employee relationships, higher retention, happier clients and increased bottom line results.

You will learn how to:

  • Infuse an innovative communication mindset regardless of their role, title which will drive impactful results to lead successfully.
  • Understand the importance of unsticking the six inches between their ears to promote critical thinking and ideation with key mastery leadership strategies.
  • Strengthen teams and improve communication, breaking barriers of resistance resulting in greater calls to actions and impactful relationships.
  • Obtain higher retention of employees which will lower the cost rate of replacing.

Here are the slides for your reference.

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Presenter/Caryn Ross, founder/CEO of SpectaBridge Solutions, obtained her BBA in marketing and MBA in Finance from Pace University, New York, and is a speaker, trainer and certified life coach with a demonstrated track record of success in presentations, leadership mastery and impactful communication. Early in her career, Ross developed a keen appreciation for the partnership between clear communication and excellent business results. She realized the importance of the human element in running stellar business by working with C-suite executives on corporate goals. Then she parlayed all those skills into a position as a college professor being one of the first to have pioneered online teaching. Today, Ross creates value added tools and strategies that consistently inspire audiences to take action, improve client experiences, enable impactful connections and empower leadership mastery.

Khyla Flores

Khyla Flores is associate editor for IABC’s content department.

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