Advancing the Profession: A New Podcast For IABC Members

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By IABC Headquarters
16 November 2020

IABC is excited to announce its newest podcast, Advancing the Profession, which highlights the ongoing work of the dedicated volunteers who serve on the international committees. These committees are focused on expanding IABC’s purpose by developing strategic communicators, creating connections, and advancing the profession.

In this premier episode of IABC’s new podcast, IABC Executive Board Chair Bonnie Caver focuses on the value of the Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC) in a conversation with:

  • Brad Whitworth, ABC, SCMP, IABC Fellow, and chair of the GCCC, and
  • Julie Ludwig, ABC, SCMP, IEB director and liaison to the GCCC

IABC Headquarters


  1. Thanks, Bonnie and Julie, for exploring the topic of professional certification for the inaugural podcast. If anyone has a question about GCCC certification, your first stop should be the GCCC website:
    If you’ve got questions after that, let me know.

    Brad Whitworth, ABC, SCMP, IABC Fellow
    GCCC Chairman

  2. I liked the podcast format and the topic. I have been interested in the certification for a while now and hoping to take the exam in the next few months. This answered many questions regarding the steps to follow and what to expect.

    I think we should amplify the message regarding this being similar to other professional certifications.

  3. Many thanks for this conversation, folks. Much appreciated.

    I look forward to further exploring certification in 2021.

    With all best regards,


  4. Found all of you through my exploration of what career directions my Corporate Communications degree offers. Wow! What a find! Did not previously know that IABC/GCCC existed. Glad I took the time to listen to your discussion on what is involved with certifying my efforts as a communicator. Did not even realize that I had an interest in certifying, as my interest grew on me the longer I listened. Thanks for the inspiration. Stay safe everyone.

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