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Living My Life

Type: Case Studies
Topic: Communication Management
By Petra Muth Zupanc
29 September 2016

gq-logoAfter a great success of the “Rhyme with Zlatko and get More from Life” project (Best of the best Gold Quill winner 2014), we were challenged to make something even bigger for the second largest Slovenian bank Nova KBM and its youth banking brand “Sveta vladar” (Ruler of the World). The bank was constantly facing the problem of getting the message through to uninterested young people, who find the world of banking products boring and too complex.

We therefore joined forces with Slovenia’s most popular rapper Zlatko once again. With the ‘’Living my life’’ campaign, during which we live streamed Zlatko’s life for one week, we brought the Ruler of the world brand and its banking products closer to the target group through a completely new communication approach in a global context. With a media budget of less than €6.000, a hacked Google glass and a team that lived Zlatko’s life 24/7, we generated almost 30 million brand impressions in one month and more than exceeded all other communication and sales objectives.


Petra Muth Zupanc

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