ATCO Gas—Heating Homes and Warming Communities for 100 Years

S. Petterson, S. Salmond, J. Grant / ATCO Gas / Edmonton, Canada

Business Need/Opportunity

ATCO Gas, Alberta’s largest natural gas distributor, celebrated its centennial in 2012. One component of the many centenary activities that took place was the development of a commemorative publication for employees.

The publication was created to:

  • Recognize employees, past and present, for their hard work and accomplishments.
  • Make employees proud to work for ATCO Gas and inform them about the company’s corporate culture and history.
  • Provide employees with information about the company that could be used for advocacy purposes.
  • Provide a legacy piece for the company that would serve as an official archival document.

Employee recognition and well-being is an ongoing business goal for ATCO Gas. In the past few years, technological advances and regulatory challenges have meant that employees have had a lot of changes to contend with. ATCO Gas hoped that the centennial program would increase morale and encourage employees to participate in company activities.

Stakeholder Analysis


ATCO Gas’s 2,000 employees and 900 retirees. With a large group of baby boomers recently retiring, more than half of ATCO Gas’s employees have worked for the company less than five years and know little about the company’s past. It is important to ATCO Gas that employees are informed and aware of the business and can act as advocates for the company in the community. ATCO Gas retirees are also an important stakeholder group. They typically live in the communities in which they worked and continue to be valuable ambassadors for the company, often volunteering for ATCO Gas at community events.


The secondary audience was made up of other ATCO companies.