Energy Upgrade California Home Energy Digest E-­Book

Joyce Vollmer / MIG Communications / Berkeley, U.S.

Business Need and Communication Opportunity

It takes a tremendous amount of energy to fuel California, the world’s ninth largest economy. California spends over US$50 billion annually on energy, US$20 billion of which comes from other states. The state’s buildings are energy hogs, sucking up 50 percent of all energy and 75 percent of all electricity used in the state. To fuel California’s resurgent economy, keep energy dollars in-state, create green jobs and cut greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), the California Energy Commission (CEC) turned to energy efficiency as a resource. The CEC developed a program that focused on home retrofits. Homeowners participating in the program stood to save an average of 30 percent of their energy budget, which represented a significant potential decrease in statewide energy usage.

In 2010, California had a smattering of energy efficiency programs offered by public agencies and utilities. These programs were uncoordinated and difficult for homeowners to understand holistically. Homeowners also faced difficulties finding contractors they trusted to evaluate their home’s energy efficiency and perform high-quality retrofit work.

MIG Communications worked with the CEC to evaluate California’s market for home energy efficiency retrofits. Using this data, MIG created a suite of materials to support the program, branded “Energy Upgrade California.” This program helps homeowners to view their home as an energy system and identify upgrades appropriate for their home. The program also connects customers with state and local rebates and participating contractors.