EnviroCare and Earth Day 2012

Lauren Joakin / Smithcom / Toronto, Canada


Kruger Products, a private subsidiary of Montreal-based Kruger Inc., is Canada’s leading tissue manufacturer and serves the Canadian consumer market with such well-known brands as Cashmere® bathroom tissue, Purex® bathroom tissue, SpongeTowels® paper towels, Scotties® facial tissue and White Swan® products, as well as away-from-home products for industrial and commercial use. The EnviroCare® line of products includes Cashmere® EnviroCare® bathroom tissue, Purex® EnviroCare® bathroom tissue, SpongeTowels® EnviroCare® paper towels and Scotties®’ EnviroCare® facial tissue. EnviroCare® is Canada’s first line of premium tissue products made from 100 percent recycled paper. The EnviroCare brand has not been promoted externally through communication/PR activities since its launch in 2010.

Communicating about green/sustainable products, such as EnviroCare, with consumers is challenging for a number of reasons; however, there is a great opportunity within this space. The majority of Canadian consumers claim they want to make green/sustainable purchasing decisions, but in reality, very few actually do so (e.g., there is a gap between what consumers say and do)1. This program aimed to target this group of consumers to educate and inform them about EnviroCare’s commitment to sustainability through the promotion of the line’s key attributes (it is just as soft, performs just as well, and doesn’t cost any more than the regular brands but is 100 percent recycled, so it’s better for the environment), FSC certification (a credible, stringent and internationally-recognized green certification schematic) and the line’s new official partnership with Earth Day Canada (EDC).

There are a variety of reasons why consumers are not readily making green/sustainable purchasing decisions, many of which are based on outdated information and experiences. For instance, many consumers believe that green/sustainable products are of poorer quality,