From Indian Top 10 to Global Big Four

Tata Consultancy Services / Pradipta Bagchi, Abhinav Kumar, Fredrik Jansson and Arpita Panda / London

By the end of 2011, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) had reached the global top four IT services position in terms of market capitalization, number of employees and net profit. But external research showed that TCS did not yet have the same brand awareness as the global industry leaders. In fact, “leading Indian vendor” were words often used when describing TCS—both externally and internally.

1. Create a perception shift of TCS from “Indian IT” to “Global Big Four” both within the company and in the market.

2. Get the target audience (senior management and employees) to engage with the TCS brand, which has traditionally been seen as less important than the overall brand.

To convincingly communicate TCS’s transition from “Indian IT” to “Global Big Four,” the team needed a credible external ranking as a foundation. Rather than leading with a traditional ranking based on revenue or number of employees, they wanted to lead the external ranking with a theme that would be unique and make people sit up and take notice. It was decided that the company’s brand could be a compelling, yet off the beaten path, concept to pick up. The team chose “Brand Valuation,” engaged with brand finance and secured the creation of a new global category called “Top 10 most valuable IT services brands.” The TCS brand was valued at US$4.1 billion and ranked number four in this new industry list. To highlight that TCS had arrived at the top of the industry, the team coined a new term—the “Big Four” group of IT services companies, borrowing the concept of “Big Four” from the auditing industry.