Give Voice to What Unites Us: Renewing employee communication excellence through intentional purpose, delivery and conversation


Employee communication—connecting people for company success—is maturing as a business discipline. Over the years, employee communication has lost its balance in some companies, and without it, work can literally slow down and lose focus. In vibrant companies, on the other hand, people progress in sync by talking through workplace matters. Conversation is essential to business, but it is often rushed and underappreciated in the strain and structure of the corporate world.

This book can let you see employee communication with a new focus. If you have been an employee communication director for a while, you know how completely different the landscape looks now than it did 10—or even just five—years ago. Still, you bring relevant perspective, wisdom and an appreciation for how the business works. If you are young and brand new to the field, you bring a fresh filter to employee communication. The post-9/11 world, economic uncertainty, global business and social media are normal to you. Both communication wisdom and a fresh point of view can elevate excellent communication amid the pressures and politics of the business world.

I come at this from the perspective of studying and practicing employee communication in small and large organizations, living and working around the globe, leading online communities and social media, and experiencing layoffs. I stopped to ask, where is the uncharted territory, the future for this discipline?

This book is the result of that question. How can we be excellent at employee communication, today, in whatever job or circumstance we find ourselves? This book will rearrange how you see your respective pieces of this jigsaw puzzle of experiences and expectations to fit them all together as a coherent, complete picture. In short, it tells the story of excellent employee communication.

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