Inspire Change Online Storytelling Tool

Labor Management Partnership (LMP) Communications / Kaiser Permanente / Oakland, U.S.


At Kaiser Permanente—the U.S.’s largest nonprofit health care organization—unionized caregivers and operations staff work in teams with managers and physicians, developing ways to improve patient care and service and to contain costs. The office of labor management partnership communications department created an interactive, web-based storytelling tool for teams to share improvement stories and inspire others to support the company’s care, service and affordability goals.

The Kaiser Permanente Labor Management Partnership (LMP) brings managers, health care workers and physicians together into teams that make full use of each individual’s expertise. These different perspectives help to bring about solutions that address and resolve systemic issues, improving service and the quality of care, and eliminating waste that drives up costs. The teams are led by a manager and a worker and include all of the members of a natural work group, such as a labor and delivery department or a pharmacy. They unleash the knowledge of the workforce; the results are thousands of innovations and better health outcomes. There are more than 3,500 teams throughout Kaiser Permanente, located in nine states and the District of Columbia.

Business Need

These teams learn about performance improvement from a variety of sources: the website, the Hank quarterly magazine, videos and posters—all with stories highlighting team challenges and successes. However, peer-to-peer communications provide the information that truly sticks. Employees learn best from one another how to identify problems, collect data, and brainstorm and execute solutions.