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Solution provider webinar: What the Media REALLY Want from You

Sponsored by LexisNexis, recorded 16 December 2015

In an era of hyperconnectivity, social media and citizen journalists, what’s changed about the “relations” of media relations?

In this on-demand webinar, you hear directly from Tier 1 journalists and learn:

  • The qualities of a great PR representative from the perspective of the media.
  • The key elements of a strong media/PR representative relationship.
  • Media/PR relationships are a two-way street.

Presenter: Erin Dick, vice president of communications for the Enterprise Growth Solutions Division of AECOM

LN_pms_solid_h_posSponsor: LexisNexis® serves companies and organizations of all sizes in US, Canada, Europe and Pacific regions, offering premier news, corporate information and public records through a portfolio of solutions, including the flagship and award-winning Nexis® and media monitoring solution LexisNexis Newsdesk®.




Cutting through the Content Clutter: Create communications that people will actually pay attention to—and act on!

2015 World Conference “Best of Show” webinar, recorded 4 November 2015

Let’s face it: It’s getting harder and harder to capture our audiences’ attention with our communication efforts. Limited attention spans, increased workloads, more and more competition in a content-saturated world—these things are making it almost impossible for our key messages to get through. Almost impossible—but not impossible. Not if you change the very nature of how you communicate.

Presenter: Steve Crescenzo,