Region of Waterloo “Touchpoints” Campaign

Corporate Communications Team / Region of Waterloo / Kitchener, Canada


The Region of Waterloo is an upper tier municipal government that provides the seven area municipalities with the majority of their municipal services, including public health, waste management, roads services, transit, social assistance, child care, emergency services, water supply, airport services and overall growth planning. The Region’s annual budget exceeds CDN$1.3 billion.

Despite the breadth of programs and services the Region provides, citizens in the Waterloo Region often mistakenly assume that their city or township provides most or all of their municipal services (as observed through anecdotal and focus group data.) Confusion about services often happens because the Waterloo Region operates under a complicated two-tier system of local government in which area municipalities receive services from both their city/township and the Region of Waterloo. In addition, research demonstrated that residents would like to receive more information about the Region of Waterloo.

Although the Region often undertakes specific communication/advertising campaigns for its many programs and services (e.g., transit fares are changing, conserve your water, etc.) and its logo is well recognized, it rarely communicates on a general level to connect its brand to the many municipal services it provides in the community.

The corporate communications team identified this confusion as an opportunity to educate citizens about the Region while strengthening the brand via a commercial campaign. In addition, the team felt that they could leverage this campaign internally to help empower the 3,000+ regional employees to become ambassadors for the organization. This in turn would help achieve the original objective by having staff spreading positive messages about the Region to their family, friends, neighbors and social networks.


Although the communications team hoped to reach all citizens of the Waterloo Region,