Managing change: One transformation at a time (please)


concept of choices of a businessmanMy dad makes an excellent cold antipasto—it’s chock-full of Italian smoked meats, imported cheeses, marinated artichoke hearts, red peppers, three kinds of olives and even an anchovy or two. It is a Thanksgiving classic—something everyone in our family looks forward to—as we start our holiday meal with that special course.

The problem is that he has now begun making it for every holiday—Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Easter—he even assembled one for our Labor Day picnic this year. And because we now see it so often, it has become less special. He doesn’t understand why he isn’t getting the same amount of praise and exclaims of delight every time he puts one on the table.

It reminds me of how some of us view change and transformation initiatives. They used to be exciting; it was an honor, or at least a career challenge, to be put on a change management team. The projects gave everyone new roles, new challenges, new experiences, new ways of looking at processes and procedures. It was about making things new and great.

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