Media Picks: Books, a podcast and a subscription service

We all want to know what gives leaders their edge. Get a seat in the corner office—and an earful about how they got there—with these books, a podcast and even a subscription service.


Behind the Screen by Sarah Roberts
Content moderators are the rag pickers of the internet. They watch horrific videos, read things that only a troll could love, police the off-color, pornographic and violent. And for this, the 15,000 or so of them worldwide earn about US$15 an hour. As this book makes clear, however, your reputation is the most important commodity you’ve got; moderated content is what your customers expect. Treating the people most responsible for that like entry-level janitorial staff is hardly the way to show your best side.


Find Your Yellow Tux: How to Be Successful by Standing Out by Jesse Cole
Jesse Cole is well over six feet tall and seems to own one outfit: a yellow tuxedo with a matching ruffle-front yellow shirt and a yellow top hat. The baseball team he owns, the Savannah Bananas, sometimes wear kilts, also yellow. The whole idea is totally gonzo, and yet it works. The Bananas have sold out every game for the last two seasons in an antiquated but charming stadium that couldn’t attract a team once its last minor league tenants left due to low attendance. Taking inspiration from Bill Veeck, Walt Disney and P.T. Barnum, Cole built success entirely on marcomm buzz.


Math & Magic: Stories from the Frontiers of Marketing
CEO of iHeart Media and founder of MTV, Bob Pitman says every cultural phenomenon comes down to two things: math and magic. His podcast interviews “disruptors” to find out how they do what they do, where the math ends and the magic begins. Data analytics made magical.


Subscription service

Your Leadership Mentor
Have you bought into the subscription economy? Michael Hyatt certainly has. His Full Focus Planner will deliver quarterly inserts to a beautifully designed planner to keep you on task and out of the 12-month planning weeds. His Leadership Books will send you—guess what—leadership books. His blog, his e-newsletter, his podcast—you can have Hyatt on your doorstep as dependably as your monthly order of gourmet cheese from Amazon.

Rebecca Rolfes

Rebecca Rolfes is the executive vice president and one of the founders of Imagination Publishing, a content marketing agency in Chicago.

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