A message from the IABC executive board about devastating floods globally


From the IABC International Executive Board:

Devastating floods are impacting many areas of the world including South Asia and the Gulf Coast of the United States. Many IABC members have reached out to ask how to help fellow members in these areas. Please funnel your contributions through The Red Cross. They have triages set up in the areas impacted and are on the ground offering aid globally.

As members reach out to us with specific needs, we will keep you posted.

If you live in these areas, know that our thoughts are with you. Please don’t hesitate to call us if we can help. We can be reached by phone at (415) 544-4700 or email member_relations@iabc.com.


3 Responses to “A message from the IABC executive board about devastating floods globally”

  1. Richard Kies

    Thank you for recognizing the devastating flooding taking place around the world, and thank you for directing members towards the Red Cross/Red Crescent movement. They really are the experts in disaster response and are best-positioned to respond, no matter where in the world a disaster is taking place

  2. Mary H Francis

    We are fortunate to be part of an international organization that cares about its members around the globe. There are several areas that have been impacted by the ravages of mother nature recently, and our hearts go out to those who are struggling. Recovery will take time.

    In the Southern Region, Texas and Louisiana are our focus right now. Our board is working hard on our upcoming conference in Houston, connect17, Oct. 25-17. Fortunately, our venue – the historic Magnolia hotel downtown – is undamaged and looking forward to hosting attendees. Aside from featuring really great speakers and quality programming, we’re excited to do our part to support the local economy, which has already begun the rebuilding process. And, as we assess the situation, we will offer a community volunteerism opportunity as part of the time we are there. For more information, visit iabcsouthern.com/connect.