More Go Time – Streamlining Hoddle Street

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By Megan Taylor and Gemma Gould
29 June 2020

Major Road Projects Victoria (MRPV) is a Victorian government body founded in July 2018 to plan and deliver major road projects for the state. MRPV was tasked with delivering Victoria’s first Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI) for the Streamlining Hoddle Street Project (the Project), a state government election commitment to improve traffic flow on Melbourne’s busiest arterial road. The Project’s success was highly dependent on road users being able to easily and safely navigate the new intersection from the moment it went live. The importance of this was magnified by the fact the Project was the first contract awarded by MRPV. As a newly formed government agency, delivering an innovative new intersection that motorists were unable to safely navigate would have created a public safety risk and may have undermined the credibility of the government’s decision to form a high-performing project delivery arm at great tax-payer expense.

The Project’s success relied on an effective, widescale public education and awareness campaign. Through Bluetooth technology and on-road vehicle monitoring, we identified that at least 330,000 people used the corridor every day. Given the connectivity of the corridor, we also knew our target audience included all motorists who live in, and visit, Melbourne. With such a broad target audience, the organizational mandate was to reach as many people through as many channels as possible to ensure road users were aware of the impending change and knew how to navigate the CFI before it opened.

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Megan Taylor and Gemma Gould

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