New IABC Academy workshops now available

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By iabc_admin
11 February 2020

It’s the start of the new year, why not freshen up your business communication skills? 

There are new professional development opportunities offered through the IABC Academy that are now available. View all available courses and learning paths, including these four workshops: 

  • The IABC Model for Communication Excellence: How to apply the strategic planning process—Understand the five components of the IABC Model for Communication Excellence, learn to apply the planning process to any communication campaign and use the communication planning tool to improve your planning and campaigns.
  • Crisis Planning: Manage and enhance organizational reputation—Learn best practices that will help you better understand how to build relationships in your organization, write clear messages with supporting stories specific to an audience, identify techniques to manage questions in a crisis and recognize the steps of preparing a team for a crisis.
  • Developing and Managing Highly Effective Teams—Learn the difference between “managing” and “leading” within a leadership role, get best practices on planning strategies to connect with your new team in the early days to build trust and performance, determine at least three ways to recognize and leverage strengths within your team and identify ongoing leadership strategies to foster individual and team engagement and growth.
  • Leading Through Change Communication—Learn how to describe change theory and principles, explain how people perceive and respond to change and better understand the role of communications in change.

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