Nine ways an IABC Corporate Membership can advance your team

Corp Membership

We’ve been listening and in an effort to better serve existing and incoming members in the IABC community, we’ve refined and enhanced our Corporate Membership offering to better tailor to the needs of communication professionals at all levels.

IABC isn’t just a membership organization, we’re a global community of communication professionals focused on connecting you with other thought leaders, helping you stay informed about emerging trends and best practices, giving you a platform to learn from top experts and providing opportunities to gain recognition for your outstanding work.

Resources offered through an IABC Corporate Membership will help advance you and your team by:

  1. Elevating the standard of professional communication in your organization.
  2. Improving employee engagement and retention—committed, engaged employees are more productive and efficient.
  3. Learning business-building ideas and best practices through peer-to-peer networking and knowledge sharing among a global community of communication professionals.
  4. Accessing communication trends and critical developments impacting organizational communication practices which can help ensure your business’s voice remains relevant, informed and proactive.
  5. Increasing effectiveness in your communication team’s work and improved business results for your organization.
  6. Training and continuing professional education for your entire communication team right from their desktop—no travel and hotel costs to account for.
  7. Empowering your senior-level communication team members to work on the leading edge of innovation in the field, increasing your organization’s global influence and business results.
  8. Creating effective and efficient communication by improving collaboration and strengthening partnerships among your communication team and with internal and external stakeholders.
  9. Providing a high level of confidence among senior leadership knowing that your corporate communication team is highly trained, credentialed and prepared to support key business strategies and initiatives.

Invested communication teams get member-only access to communication-focused content including research, award-winning case studies, best practice work plans, e-books, monthly webinars and unlimited access to IABC Academy. Click the button below for more information.


2 Responses to “Nine ways an IABC Corporate Membership can advance your team”

  1. Kari Kerr

    Hi. Sounds like a great idea. As a not for profit, I’ll have review against our policies. Please can you provide cost information? We are a team of 10 working in an organization of 125 approx.