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Proactive Crisis Management: Activism: Part 1

Type: Webinars
Topic: Communication Management
By Khyla Flores
18 July 2018

Recorded on 17 July 2018

In 2018, brands are witnessing a wave of a new consumer activism. Since the beginning of 2016, one in five Americans has participated in some form of activist involvement. And many of them claim they plan on getting more active. Make sure that your brand is ready for whatever may come and tune in for part one of our two-part series on activist crisis management. An engaging introduction to preparing your brand for activists and their organizations.

John Deveney will guide you through the proactive steps your organization can take to prepare for a crisis situation involving activism.

Here you will find a handout for your reference.

Presenter/John Deveney, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA, IABC Fellow, founder of Deveney, has become a national leader in strategic marketing and communication, known for some of the industry’s best campaigns, results and counsel. His firm’s meteoric start was chronicled through significant national campaigns with particular strength in crisis, health care, tourism and hospitality. DEVENEY was named PR News’ Firm of the Vear in 2013 and one of PRWeek’s Top 5 Boutique PR Firms in 2004 and 2016. Deveney was honored as Agency Executive of the Year by PRNews and topped PRWeek’s list of the profession’s four “Brightest Stars” and “Ambassadors that are Heroes.” He is the only professional to ever merit the lifetime achievement recognition of being inducted as both a Fellow PRSA and an ABC Fellow, as well as, PRNews Hall of Fame.

Khyla Flores Khyla Flores is associate editor for IABC’s content department.

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