About the IABC Academy

The IABC Academy is the new brand for all professional development programs from the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). The Academy delivers strategic communication education and training.

The goal is to help communication professionals advance in their careers and generate tangible business results for their organizations and clients.

Learn more about IABC’s professional development program below.

  • We will offer robust and relevant professional development opportunities that help communication professionals improve their abilities to deliver business results to their organizations and clients through strategic communication.
  • We will ensure that Academy curriculum is relevant and keeps pace with changes in the industry.
  • We will deliver training aligned with the Global Standard across all career levels.
  • We will help you prepare for your next career move, whatever it may be.
  • We will ensure that your professional development needs are central to our planning, regardless of where you currently are within your career journey.

How we deliver

Courses on offer and in development include online workshops, and two- and three-day conferences led by global experts and industry leaders.

Academy offerings closely align with Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC) certification programs.

Where do you fit in?

Extensive research has defined four major stages that constitute the career path of a communication professional regardless of country, business type, industry or other variables. The career paths are neither contingent on years of service, nor are they sequential or hierarchical in nature. They simply define a range of milestones within the career journey.

The Academy’s professional development offerings will be aligned with the knowledge, skills and experience that support each of the four career stages:

  • Foundation (entry level to the communication profession)
  • Generalist/Specialist (mid-level professionals who are competent in strategic communication management and can apply principles and skills across a wide range of specialty areas)
  • Strategic Adviser (senior level professionals who are ready to manage complex, multi-faceted programs and relationships and provide counsel and advice to senior executives)
  • Business Leader (trail blazers who use their communication-based strategic expertise to lead organizations and clients through multiple business and communication challenges)

Core principles for the communication profession

Our research shows that communication professionals around the world embrace a shared career purpose and six core principles as the building blocks of their work. Informed by our passion for engaging audiences with strategic communication, our purpose and principles lead to the formation of a Global Standard.

The six core principles for the communication profession are:

  • Ethics
  • Strategy
  • Analysis
  • Context
  • Engagement
  • Consistency