Online and On-Demand Workshops

online workshops

See the full list of available workshops at IABCAcademy.org, the IABC Academy’s new learning environment. 

Online Workshops

Online workshops offer in-depth learning to build critical skills and knowledge–and give communication professionals the tools they need to succeed. Through multiple, weekly sessions, facilitated by leading experts in their fields, you’ll get exceptional instruction that supports long-term problem-solving and enhances your career growth.

New four-week courses are available. More to come!   

On-demand Workshops

Missed one of our workshops? Now you can make in-depth learning and skill-building knowledge fit with your busy schedule. Registration for on-demand workshops includes related web recordings and handouts to access at your leisure. (The recordings and any materials are for the exclusive use of the purchaser.)

More than 24 on-demand workshops are currently available, including recordings of this year’s past online workshops. On-demand workshops may be found at IABCAcademy.org.