GCCC — Questions and Answers


Below are questions and answers on the roles, responsibilities and current focus of the Global Certification Communication Council (GCCC). Learn more about certification and see a list of the current Council members.


How often does the GCCC meet?

The GCCC meets regularly using a virtual meeting room. Please expect to set time aside for monthly group meetings and several smaller team meetings (as relevant).

How often will the Council meet in person?

The Council currently works virtually. If members are attending World Conference, and there is interest in getting together, a meeting will be arranged.

Are travel expenses reimbursed for any in-person meetings?

Currently, the GCCC budget does not include reimbursement for in-person meetings.

What is the length of service for a Council member?

Members will serve a three year term. The term for the Council Chair is for one year.

What is the GCCC’s role and current focus?

The Council is responsible for the development of a new series of professional certifications for the communication professional. The Council launched a new certification program in 2015. The next level is in the planning stages.

What are the GCCC’s plans for the coming year?

The Council seeks to grow the program, expand certification exam offerings, promote the program, and promote the growing number of certified Communication Management Professionals (CMPs) to communication professionals worldwide.