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PURPLE® Drywall: A Whole New Way to Look at Walls

Type: Case Studies
Topic: Marketing and Branding
By Stacey McCray
28 October 2014

gq-logoLuquire George Andrews (LGA) worked with long-time client National Gypsum, one of the largest drywall producers in the world, to embark on its first consumer-facing campaign in 30 years, recognizing that when most people dream about building or remodeling their homes, walls and what they’re made of are usually the last thing on their minds.

National Gypsum’s marketing focus had long been on the commercial construction industry, even though two out of every three sheets of drywall the company sells today are for residential construction. After National Gypsum trademarked the color purple for its high-performance drywall products in late 2012, making it easier than ever for consumers to identify and differentiate PURPLE® products from standard drywall, LGA designed a multifaceted brand campaign that included a new logo, tagline, website, media relations, celebrity spokesperson, social media, sponsorship of DIY Network’s Blog Cabin as well as television, print and digital advertising. The goal was to educate consumers on the many benefits of PURPLE®, and ultimately, have people who were building or remodeling their homes to Ask for PURPLE® from builders or home improvement stores.

LGA and National Gypsum used primary and secondary research to guide the campaign. In fall 2012, we participated in a series of focus groups across the U.S. to assess consumer awareness of the premium performance features found in PURPLE® drywall. The findings underscored our assumption that people were unaware of the high-performance features of PURPLE®, such as resistance to mold, moisture, scratches and dents, and would be interested in products that offered them. It also confirmed that color can distinguish superior attributes of products and provide instant brand

To further understand consumers’ attitudes and create a baseline for measuring the impact of our campaign, LGA and National Gypsum also conducted two consumer surveys. The first asked 1,000 homeowners about their building and remodeling projects and the materials they determined to be most important. Nearly 40 percent had remodeled their homes or built new ones in the past two years, and more than half said they would consider installing drywall themselves but feared they would not know how or what to buy. The second was a benchmark study of 1,000 consumers to assess
awareness and perceptions of National Gypsum and PURPLE®, which will be used year over year to assess the impact of the campaign. As expected, there was low awareness among consumers about PURPLE® drywall.

We also studied homebuilding industry reports to understand the profiles of home buyers as well as the rebound of the housing market and an increase in remodeling projects. Key insights from the research proved that the housing market is recovering and more Americans are planning home improvement projects or building new homes. However, there was low awareness among consumers about drywall, and they do not realize that all drywall is not the same. Therefore, our challenge was to motivate consumers to care about drywall enough to ask, “What’s my first step?”


Stacey McCray

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