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US – Pacific Plains Region

The Pacific Plains Region (PPR) supports the leaders and members of the regions IABC chapters with resources and professional development opportunities. Our goal is to foster a collegial network of professionals engaged in all aspects of corporate communication and to extend opportunities to members to expand their leadership skills and experience by participating at the local, regional and international level.

Current Region Leadership



term ends

Regional Chair Tracie Bettenhausen 01-Jul-20
Past Regional Chair Brandon Babcock 01-Jul-20
Vice Chair Michael Shepherd 01-Jul-20
Director of Finance Paul Omodt, ABC, SCMP 01-Jul-20
Director of Communication M. Sue Settell, MAM, PMP, CMP 01-Jul-20
Professional Development Director Trace Ulland 01-Jul-20
Chapter Advocate (Chicago, Iowa, Orange County, Omaha) Joanne Henry 01-Jul-20
Chapter Advocate (San Diego, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Oregon-Columbia) Adam Fuss 01-Jul-20
Chapter Advocate (Minnesota, St. Louis, Los Angeles,
Great Plains, Lincoln)
Mike Godfrey, ABC 01-Jul-20
Member-at-Large Advocate Brooke Wills 01-Jul-20