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During the month of December, new members, renewing members and existing members have an opportunity to save 50 percent on the new IABC Business Acumen Certificate program from IABC Academy.

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Coupon codes will be sent weekly (on Fridays) to each member who has qualified during the week. The regular non-member rate for the Business Acumen Certificate course is US$395 and the member rate is US$295. With the 50 percent off discount, that’s a US$147.50 discount off the regular member price for this new certificate program!

About the IABC Business Acumen Certificate:
Given the speed and unpredictability with which the world is changing, businesses need the assurance that all employees are consistently making decisions in a way that helps the company achieve its objectives.

A solid foundation in business acumen will help communication professionals to gain increasing visibility within their organizations and roles as strategic advisers to business leaders, communication professionals at every level of a business need to know how their company makes money and operates systemically as a total business. Communication professionals also need to know how to hold a meaningful dialogue with business leaders and how their work drives the business forward.

This Business Acumen Certificate Program consists of eight 15 to 20 minute online modules covering the basics of business followed by a capstone simulation where learners can apply the lessons they’ve learned in business scenarios. By completing/passing this course, learners will attain the Business Acumen for Communicators Certificate.