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St. Joseph’s Health Centre Toronto: Employee, physician and volunteer engagement survey

Engaged employees have an emotional commitment to their organization and its goals. They’re more likely to care about the hospital, their colleagues and their patients and studies have shown that this can have a tangible impact for those receiving care—from a decreased rate of MSRA to a reduced patient mortality rate.

Every two years, St. Joseph’s Health Centre, Toronto conducts Employee, Physician and Volunteer Engagement Surveys to get direct feedback from our people, a requirement of all Ontario hospitals as directed by legislation under the Excellent Care for All Act (ECFAA). The feedback helps inform corporate goals that are implemented to increase engagement, which positively impacts patient experience. In 2017, the Health Centre aimed for a staff response rate of 67%, a 6% increase from our most recent survey. We were aiming for a higher response rate to make us more statistically confident that our results were reflective of the engagement of our people and generalizable to our staff population. The more answers received, the better we would be able to understand the key factors that make our people feel engaged at work and, ultimately, the better we would be able to shape our workplace to increase engagement and improve patient experience.

Stakeholder analysis

The primary target audience for this strategy was our 3,000 staff and frontline physicians who work in clinical and non-clinical areas across the hospital. As an organization that operates 24/7, staff and physicians operate on shift work, making it important to communicate through multiple channels outside the traditional 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. work week cycle. All of our people contribute to a patient’s health-care journey and we wanted to capture as many people in as many different departments as possible for a full understanding of how to engage employees across the organization.

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Amber Daugherty and Sabrina Divell

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