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State of Internal Communications Fall 2020

Recorded on 16 September 2020

Sponsored by PoliteMail; Presented by Michael DesRochers 

More corporate email is being sent than ever before due to COVID-19 and related business operational changes, and employees who are working, whether from home or in the facilities, are actually working longer hours. What lessons can be learned regarding engaging employees during times of crisis?

Join us as we analyze the data from our 2020 Corporate Communications Internal Email Benchmarks and Our State of Corporate Communications, Summer 2020 Survey Findings. We will identify changes that emerged during the crisis, what’s working now and map a path for the future. Discover the answers you need now: Are employees reading your email broadcasts? When and how often should you send critical messages? How much email is too much?

Because internal communication and email is more important than ever, let’s get smarter about it.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How channels have changed in response to the pandemic
  • How email is performing during the pandemic and six tips to make your email more engaging
  • What information employees want to hear now from their organizations
  • Ideas to keep remote employees engaged and productive
  • The most valuable metrics to report to leadership

Presenter / Michael DesRochers is the founder and managing director of PoliteMail Software, a provider of email measurement and analytics software for Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. Today, PoliteMail is used by 27% of the largest U.S. organizations. Prior to founding PoliteMail, DesRochers spent 15 years as a CEO of a 75-person team of communications professionals.


Sponsored by:

Morgan Manghera

Morgan Manghera is the senior content associate for IABC.

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