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Stop chasing fans and followers: How to use analytics to drive social engagement

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By Caroline Cornell
17 July 2015
Nicole Matejic
Nicole Matejic

If your approach to social media consists of blindly pushing content to each of your channels, hoping something will stick, it’s time to look deeper. In an interview with Nicole Matejic, author of Social Media Rules of Engagement, she encourages communicators to regularly review their analytics to create a smarter social strategy.

She relates social media to an iceberg:

“The tip of the iceberg is kind of your Facebook or your Twitter where you are putting out your content. But underneath you’ve got all this data about your audience.”

However, many companies are only looking at what they see on the surface. The problem, Matejic tells us, is that companies are so wrapped up in expanding their digital audience, that they ignore the experience fans and followers have once they’ve liked their page:

They see the number of followers as still more important than the level of engagement that they’re getting. Having lots and lots of people like your page is great. However, it’s no good them liking your page if they’re not interacting with you, if they’re not engaging with you, they’re not sharing your content, and that’s what really comes through when you look at reporting and analytics.

Listen to the complete interview below for more social media best practices, including Matejic’s go-to social media tools.

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Caroline Cornell Caroline Cornell is associate editor for IABC’s content department.

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