Strategic Alignment: How communicators can change the face of leadership

strategic alignmentMany of the world’s organizations, both large and small, aren’t strategically aligned. Their people aren’t working together to achieve common, organizational goals.

In mid-2018, supported and endorsed by the IABC Foundation, Wayne Aspland and Zora Artis, undertook a global survey of more than 200 senior communicators to look at the issue of strategic alignment from a communication perspective. It’s the first global study to do this.

The research involved a survey of 227 communicators over the period from June to July 2018. The majority (80 percent) of respondents were senior level communicators in organizations from less than 50 to more than 1 million employees. Communicators from across the globe participated, with 46 percent from North America, 43 percent from Asia Pacific, 10 percent from Europe/Middle East and 1 percent from Africa.

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Zora Artis and Wayne Aspland


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