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Superstar Branding: 7 Secrets to Let Your Nonprofit’s Image Shine

Recorded on 16 January 2019

You want to get the attention your nonprofit needs and deserves to attract long-term, loyal stakeholders. The problem is it is hard to break through the clutter and connect with new audiences while keeping up with your current ones. There’s never enough time, money or internal support to achieve this at the level you know possible. The reason why is because we operate out of fear: fear of doing or saying something someone won’t like. We send safe messages that don’t connect and get overlooked.

Learn the seven secrets to bust out of fear and let your nonprofit brand shine, so your organization commands attention and attracts new audiences. We will unlock new techniques to start communicating with ease, joy and abundance to create stronger relationships with existing supporters and attract new ones.

Here are the slides for your reference.

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Presenter/Maryanne Dersch is on a mission to revolutionize the nonprofit world. As founder Courageous Communication LLC, Dersch uses her 30+ years industry experience to show human investment companies (what she calls nonprofits, to emphasize the power they have in the world) to shine and attract long-term, loyal donors. Her book, Courageous Communication: How Codependence Is Making Your Nonprofit Brand Boring and What To Do About It helps nonprofits communicate with ease.

Khyla Flores

Khyla Flores is associate editor for IABC’s content department.

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