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New securities laws bringing investment fee reports to Canadian investors would greatly benefit BC investors, provided they knew about and paid attention to them. This campaign aimed to help BC investors benefit from the new reports by increasing understanding about the fees they pay and the impact on those fees on their investment returns.

The British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) is the independent government agency responsible under the BC Securities Act for regulating the investment business in British Columbia. Protecting investors is a key part of the BCSC’s mandate and we do this in several ways: we license and oversee individuals and firms that deal and advise in securities; we make and enforce rules of conduct for market participants; and we educate investors.

Our agency’s over-arching investor education goal is to help BC investors protect their investment interests. We want them to have the confidence to research and assess potential investments before they invest, and to recognize, reject, and report those that are unsuitable for them, or potentially fraudulent. We conduct annual public awareness campaigns to support the BCSC’s goal in this area, matching the campaign focus to the BCSC’s strategic priorities for investor education outcomes.

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